Frequently Asked Auction Questions

Participation in a Tamarkin Rare Camera Auction is an excellent method for selling a collection or a single piece. We sell to a worldwide market of collectors and important Leica dealers and has regularly attained superior prices for a wide variety of camera gear. Main attributes are an excellent reputation maintained since 1996 for knowledge, service and expertise, its handsome catalogues, and twenty-five auctions of desirable collectibles.

  • The cost to the Seller is either 15% of the Hammer, or Sales Price, or, if the buyer pays by credit card, 16.73%

  • There is a difference in fees because in the USA it is illegal to charge the Buyer the 1.73% credit card fee.

  • Yes. Every lot has a reserve price in order to ensure that no item is sold at a price, which is too low.

  • The target for the reserve fee is 20% below the normally anticipated retail market price. If, for instance, there is a Leica M3 in average condition in the auction, and it is a camera that would normally sell for about $800, then the reserve fee would be $640. If there is a Leica B Rimset Compur, and the normal retail price is currently $7,500, then the reserve price would be $6,000.

  • The reserve price is suggested by us and approved by the Seller. Our commitment is a collaboration that serves the wishes of the Seller.

  • Best selling items are Leica screw-mount and M camera gear, Nikon rangefinder gear, and any kind of high-quality photo item. Best-selling, of course, are items that are rare, in superior quality, or manufactured in small quantities. Examples of high quality brands that sell well, beside Leica, are Zeiss Contarex, Zeiss Contax, late Rolleiflex, Alpa, and other similar brands.