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  • 66mm ELCAN f2 Nr. 283-0022

  • Leica IIIc K Grey "Wehrmacht Heer" set

  • Leica I (Model A) Nr. 209 Anastigmat

  • The Noctilux

  • 28mm Elmarit f2,8 First Version

  • Leica Reporter 250 GG

  • 50mm "Rigid" Summicron in rare black paint finish

  • Hugo Meyer 50mm Makro Plasmat in Leica screw mount

  • 50mm Summilux "Reverse Scallop"

  • Leica M4 MOT - U.S. Navy

  • Abrahamsson Rapidwinder

  • Leica M4 in black paint finish

  • Nikon M "Made in Occupied Japan"

  • a very early 50mm Collapsible Summicron LAK9

  • Leica M4 made in Midland, Ontario

  • 35mm Summicron-M 1959 Special Edition "Red Scale" Black Chrome

  • 33mm Stemar f3,3 Stereo lens set

  • Leica MP .72 Anthracite Grey Special Edition

  • Leica MP .85 "Ralph Gibson" Special Edition

  • 50mm Summar f2 "Tropen"

  • Leica I (Model A) Nr. 5612

  • Leica IIIc K Grey War Time set

  • The mis-engraved Nikon M & Hybrid 50mm lens

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