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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Next Auction Soon.

Coming to the Auction Block in Chicago November 14, 2020

  • The Leica MD Hammertone set #1102502

  • The Leica MD Hammertone set #1102502

  • 50mm Angenieux f1,8 Type S1 in Leica screw mount

  • Leica MP-SP #235 with Leicavit MP

  • Leica I (Model A) Anastigmat #209

  • Leica "72" 18 x 24 Half-Frame camera

  • Leica I (Model A) Elmax #1606

  • The Hansa Canon #872

  • Leica M4 Midland, Ontario

  • Leica M3 Single Stroke in black enamel finish

  • Leica M2 Midland, Ontario

  • The Leicavit MP in stunning black enamel finish

  • Leica "250 Reporter" with original ever ready case

  • Leica I (Model B) Compur

  • 35mm SOM Berthoit f3,5 in Leica screw mount

  • Leica I (Model B) Compur

  • One of three 35mm "Double Aspherical" Summilux lenses this November!

  • Leica M2 in black enamel finish

  • Leica M4 in black enamel finish

  • M3 Single Stroke "Pro Special" with Leicavit MP

  • Nikon SP with its complete Motor

  • 35 Summilux-M f1,4 "Edition M60" Prototype

  • The Thambar.

  • 50mm Nikkor f1,5 in Leica screw mount. Very rare.

  • Three Nikkor Speed Kings

  • 35mm Summilux-RF "Steel Rim"

  • 35mm W-Nikkor.C f1,8 in Leica screw mount

  • Prototype 90mm Elmarit-R f2,8

  • 35mm Zunow f1,7 in Leica screw mount

  • The "50 Jahre" 50 Summicron - beautiful!

  • The "Rigid 50mm Summar" lens in nickel finish with its red paper box

  • 50mm "Rigid" Summicron f2 in black enamel - unused.

  • 50mm Summicron "LAK9"

  • 73mm Hektor f1,9 in black finish.

  • 85mm Nikkor f1,5 in Leica screw mount, complete

  • 85mm Summarex f1,5 in rare black finish

  • 60mm Konica f1,1 Special Edition

  • the New York "Leicaflash"

  • a Leica III Cutaway

  • a Leica Standard “Specialite Tiranty"

  • very rare Wooden Camera Stand

  • Leica war time "Luftwaffen-Eigentum" set

  • Leica "M Edition 60" Prototype

  • Leica M6J set in silver chrome finish

  • Leica Motor MOOLY in rare black enamel finish

  • Leica MP3 "LHSA" set in silver chrome finish

  • Nikon Reflex Housing

  • Nikon S3 in black enamel

  • Reid and Seigrist "Reid III" P1907

  • The Rollei Wide Special Edition

  • Showa NR III

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