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  • Leica MP #200 with Leicavit MP and 50mm Rigid Summicron

  • The Walter Talbot "Invisible" belt camera

  • THE SILVER NOCTILUX - A Charity Lot for the Chicago Food Depository, donated by Mr. Jeff Garlin

  • Nippon #28 with 5cm Xebec lens

  • Leica war time "Luftwaffen-Eigentum" set

  • The Steiff Leica Teddy Bear, a special limited edition from the famous bear maker

  • Leica I (Model A) Nr. 5612 with original velvet-lined lens cap and the hallmarks of an early Leica camera, made in 1928, with a loving patina.

  • The Sabre Stock for the Leica camera, made in 1956-1957 by a Leica parts supplier, The Sabre

    Photographic Supply Company in Chicago

  • Prototype Rifle Stock for the Leica camera, developed by the noted California camera collector Dr. Robert Bingham

  • Leica Reporter 250 FF

  • The Leica M2 KS-15 set

  • Leica M2 KS-15

  • The original 50mm Noctilux f1,2 lens

  • The M4 Motor in stunning black paint

  • The Leica MP3 set

  • Leica IIIc Nr. 362000 “Luftwaffen-Eigentum” engraved “Fl Nr. 38079”

  • 85mm Summarex in rare black paint finish

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